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news from 30. October 2020

Knock, Tap , Rap läd Sie herzlich zu einer virtuellen Auftaktveranstaltung per Zoom ein. 

Samstag, den 28.11.2020  •  16 – 17 Uhr

Wir werden alle Themen und Teilnehmer*innen präsentieren.
Der Round Table selber wird auf das Frühjahr 2021 verschoben, in der Hoffnung, dass wir dann auch viele von Ihnen live in Mainz begrüßen können.
Der Zoom Link folgt per Email an alle Interessierten.
Bitte senden Sie zur Anmeldung eine Email an:


Knock, Tap, Rap invites you to a virtual launch event via zoom.

Saturday, 28.11.2020 • 4 -5 pm (CET)

We will present all topics and participants.
The Round Table itself will be postponed until spring 2021, in the hope that we will then be able to welcome many of you live in Mainz.
The zoom link follows by email to all interested parties.
For registration please send an email to:

20. October 2020

The Call for Papers is now closed
Thank you for your participation ! We were very pleased with the international response and the high quality of the submissions!
We will inform you about the programme of the Round Table as soon as possible here.

Call for Papers 2020

Round table
Knock, Tap, Rap

Knocking, Tapping and Rapping are terms to describe sounds as well as cultural practices that have important functions in a wide area ranging from everyday life to arts, religion, language and philosophy, communication and language. It became virulent recently in the political discussion about the «no-knock warrant» in the US.
But there seems to be more to the subject than that: from the use of knocking to test material to the literary topic of door-knocking, to the extensive use of knocking sounds in sound art and contemporary music. The sound of knocking, tapping and rapping inhabits and intervenes in multiple contexts.

For a two-day round table mini-symposium on the auditory phenomena of knocking, tapping and rapping ARS – CUPRAS is looking for contributions from different academic fields and professions, including, but not limited to:

 Humanities and culture studies (in particular literature studies, musicology, art history, philosophy, anthropology)


•  Humanities
•  Life Sciences
•  Nature Sciences
•  Social Sciences
•  et al

reports from practical experience are also welcome, for example:

• Culinary studies
• Experience from craftsmanship
• Engineering
• et al

as well as artistic contributions on the theme of knocking, tapping and rapping.

We are interested in a multi-disciplinary exchange and hope to bring together a wide variety of approaches and views. And we also welcome contributions that approach the field of everyday sounds and their meaning under a different connotation.

The Round Table is planned for 28 and 29 November 2020 at the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz and at the Music School Mainz of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany.
(Due to the uncertain situation in autumn an online conference or a mixed version is also possible.) If you are unable to attend, we are also happy to receive texts and written comments.

A publication of the results is planned.

Please send a short abstract of about 250 words as a proposal for a presentation (10 – 15 min) and/or a text contribution to:

Deadline is September 30, 2020.
The deadline has been extended to 19 October

We will notify the selected speakers in due course. If you have any Questions regarding the round-table, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Organization Committee
Prof. Peter Kiefer (Director of ARS – CUPRAS),
Jim Igor Kallenberg, Joshua Weitzel (Research Associates)
And the entire ARS team.

Call for Papers KNOCKING_NEU

About ARS – CUPRAS :
ARS – CUPRAS is a research project operating under the umbrella of the Gutenberg Research College at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz; this project aims to open new prospects for interdisciplinary research on sound. The project is dedicated to enhancing knowledge and public awareness of our audible environment. It explores the variety of relations between sound as an object of scientific study and sound as a medium of art. Drawing on the paradigm of artistic research, we seek to explore questions of knowledge production and creativity as they pertain to artistic and research activities. We believe that the arts and the sciences can greatly benefit by a mutual exploration of their respective forms of perceiving, representing, and shaping the world.

ARS – it’s all about listening !

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Art – Research – Sound
Cultural Practice of Sound in the context of Sound Art and Sound Research
Research project under the direction of Professor Peter Kiefer.

Postal address A.R.S. project
Mainz School of MusicJakob-Welder-Weg 28
55128 Mainz

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