GUSAC Thanks

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cordially thanks to

Dr. Carolin Lauer, managment director of the School of Music and of the ARS project

Julia Reif, Secretariat of the Rectorate

Diane Ackermann, Communication and Press
Friederike Laukemper, artistic management office and Yoga

Anne Katrin Voss, author, teacher, coach for weelbeeing in schools, honorary work

Dr. Simone Schinz, managment director of the School of Music

Michael Zwenzner, researcher at the ARS-project, he was preparing the Symposium

Prof. Stefan Fricke, Honorary Professor in Sound Art- Composition

Dr. Julia H. Schröder, associate researcher of the ARS team

Moritz Reinisch, Tonmeister of the Hochschule für Musik
Nils Teseke, sound assistant

To the team of the guards of the exhibition:
Melanie Aguntius, Robert Bala, Anna Merkelbach Michael Rieker, Ebru Yetimoglu, Lena Cara Wernhöfer

And specially to Wingel Perez Mendoza for his constant help

Martina Pipprich für die Bilddokumention

Media Center der JGU, Dr. Nicole Labitzke Dirk Schulz
especially to the cameraman.
Ronald Urbanczyk für die Videodokumentation.

An unsere Haustechniker Helmut Bender, Klaus Klein und Pawlowski

An the sound art students in Mainz:
Christopher Dahm, Anahita Ghasami Nasab und Hyunju Oh


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